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Reptile Dry Food

Hikari Reptile Dragon Delite

Hikari Reptile Dragon Delite


Nutrient packed complete diet, full of vitamins
Highly palatable and accepted by most reptiles on first try
Pellet with a purpose which is developed to soften when soaked in water to mimic the texture of live food

Dragon Delite is a fully formulated probiotic pellet for most adult insect and vegetable eating lizards. Simply soak the pellet in fresh water in a bowl for 3 to 5 minutes to generate the same texture as live food, which your lizard will “Delite” in trying. You can then feed it to your lizard using tongs, or forceps or they will eat directly from the bowl.

Unlike competitor pellets, Dragon Delite stays pellet-shaped after soaking, providing a superior feeding experience and making your life easier. One packet of Dragon Delite is approximately one month’s supply of food for your Lizard. Dragon Delite is rich with insect ingredients like mealworm and silkworm with Japanese mustard spinach and apple making the pellet extremely appealing to any lizard. The science bit: Due to the Probiotic Hikari Germ™ in every mouthful of Dragon Delite which supports your lizards immune and digestive system, this helps your reptile live a long and healthy life.

The Dragon Delite pellet is specially designed with the shape of the pellet allowing easy feeding, and the texture allowing the pellet to stick to the tongue of your lizard. Everything you need for healthy and happy lizards in a re-sealable pack that makes feeding time no longer a chore