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Habistat Mat Stat

Habistat Mat Stat

Ensure your reptile heat mats are operating at the right temperature using an accurate and reliable Habistat Mat Stat - the thermostat of choice for users of thin heat mats.

Perfect for running reptile heat mats, the Habistat Heat Mat ensures the smooth operation of heat mats up to 300 watts to give your reptile the warmth it needs to thermo-regulate, allowing them to perform their natural biological functions for efficiently and healthily.

Designed to run heat mats at 230 volts, it fulfils this task perfectly, but cannot be used to run lights or ceramic heaters safely due to a fundamental incompatibility (instead, look at On/Off or Dimming thermostats up to 600w for this purpose).

It uses a remote sensor to monitor the temperature in your reptile's habitat, and sends signals to the heat mat to either increase or decrease the intensity of its' output, maintaining a steady temperature with little or no manual input from you - just check up on things with a separate thermometer once a day.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Economy thermostat controlling 300 watts at 230 volts 50Hz.
  • Terrarium/Vivarium thermostat.
  • State of the art technology and laboratory precision.
  • Waterproof probe on a long lead for precise remote sensing.
  • Designed for use with Heat Mats.